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Genealogy is the study of family origins and history. The word genealogy comes from two Greek words - one meaning "race" or "family" and the other "theory" or "science."


Listing  Ancestor Hunt  
Genealogy search engines take you to the largest genealogy records collections online. Includes Ellis Island passenger search, Mormon Church records search, census records, UK genealogy, SSDI, Rootsweb searches and many others.
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Search the largest collection of family history records on the web.
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Listing  Census Finder  
26,140 links to free census records online. We have compiled this growing directory of census links to help you locate free census records online.
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Listing  Cyndis List  
Search the database of more than 200,000 genealogy and surname sites.
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Listing  FamilySearch  
Search one of the largest family history databases online.
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Listing  Genealogy Gateway  
Search or browse through the Genealogy Gateway database of Surnames.
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Listing  Genealogy Philippines  
Covers such resources as online genealogy databases that are searchable by name, archives, genealogy software, Philippine family trees, message boards and more.
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Listing  Genealogy Search Help for Google÷  
This free site will help you use Google÷ to research your genealogy.
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Listing  Genealogy Today  
Genealogy help for newbies, family researchers, genealogists and professionals with searchable databases, a free membership, surname trackers, and email newsletter.
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Search through the family tree database.
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Listing  GeneaNet  
Genealogical database of surnames and resources.
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Listing  GenServ  
A Collection of Family History GEDCOM Data Files. Search through 26657179 individuals/notes online in 17111 GEDCOM databases.
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Listing  GenSource  
This site provides the online genealogist with databases to assist them with their research online.
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Listing  Origin Search  
Commercial Service: A specialist search engine which crawls the web specifically for genealogical information. Origin Search currently indexes over 456 million names.
United Kingdom
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Listing  Roots Search  
Categorized directory of over 7000 genealogy links.
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Listing  RootsWeb  
Many searchable databses as well as information available.
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Listing  Surname Web  
Search SurnameWeb for your surname genealogy.
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