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Information Brokers

Commercial services offering a wide range of public records and other information about individuals. Most have a free search option available to advise what information you shall be able to obatin about an individual.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of FREE public records searches available through other directories located on this site.


Provides fast, accurate and affordable courthouse documents and research.
United States
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Listing  Discreet Research  
Access a wide range of public records. People search packages on offer.
United States
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Listing  Intelius  
Claim to be the worlds largest and most accurate public records source. People Search, Background Check, Criminal Check, and Court Records searches available.
United States
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Listing  KnowX  
Wide range of public records on offer.
United States
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Listing  US Search  
For almost a decade, US SEARCH has given its customers peace of mind by providing the right information to make faster, safer, and smarter decisions. Using its patented Darwin technology and access to billions of records, US SEARCH provides the best results to both consumers and Fortune 1000 companies.
United States
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