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People Search Australia

Australia has strict privacy laws, which means you are restricted to the types and styles of searches you can conduct. There are however still many options available to help you find someone. The people are avid users of the internet as is the Government and business. Which means when you run a People Search Australia, there’s a good chance you’ll find the person, if not information about them.

Resources include digital phone books, public records, social media and more. We have also added indexes leading to countless more options you can use. Let us know how you get on and if you know of any more.

Find People in Australia

Australia has 3 levels of Government and as such records can be found at federal, state and local levels. State level is responsible for licensing checks, both occupational as well as driver and vehicle. Electoral Rolls are kept for the entire country and voting is mandatory. This means the large majority of people are listed in them. They can be viewed locally but are not available online.

The phone book for the country is extensive and a great resource. Each year that passes however lessens its usefulness as people turn to mobiles. It is available in books form for each major city and region, as well as online for the entire country.