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Australian Lost School Friends

Free Australian old school pupil directory.

Australian National University Directori

Search the staff email or telephone directory.

Australians Reunited

Registry where work mates and old school friends are reunited.

Crime Stoppers WA Missing Persons

Information on missing persons in Western Australia.

National Missing Persons Unit

Information, and listings of missing persons within Australia.

People Search

Australian free people search directory. Also provides a people finder registry and forum.

Persons Missing

Formerly a people search registrar for Australia and New Zealand, it has now expanded to cover other

Public Records Australia

An online index of current day and historical Australian records, from both Government and private s

SchoolFriends was developed to reunite old school friends throughout Australia and New Zealand.

University of SA Staff Directory

Search the University of South Australia for contact details of staff and facilities.

WhitePages (Australia)

Telstra White Pages search for Australia.

People Search Australia

Australian phone and people search resources.