About Us

Welcome to People Search Links. This site offers practical advice and solutions for anyone trying to locate someone online. From housing one of the most comprehensive directories of online people search tools, through convenient “quick” search pages, and “How To” advice, we’ve got your search needs covered.

Humans at the helm

Each site listed in our directory has been visited, checked over, and then added by a real person. This can be a very time consuming task, but at the end of the day, we feel that humans make the best guides – even online.

Experienced Investigators add their input through in-depth articles designed to save you time, money, and set you on the right track when searching for someone.

Visitors are also welcome contributors at People Search Links. Each search/site listed may be rated and reviewed by anyone.

A Brief History

People Search Links was developed in mid 2004 by former Investigators. Having been engaged in the online people search field since 1998, we bring a level of knowledge and credentials not often seen with other guides.