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Adoptee Birthfamily Connections

The Adoptees and Birth Family Registry is available for registration by searching adult adoptees, ad

Adoption in Wisconsin

Information on Adoption in Wisconsin. Includes details on the Adoption Records Search which is avail

Adoption Search Bank

The Adoption Search Bank consists of adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, birth siblings, other b

Adoption Search Bureau

Free adoption search registry. Also provides information on professional services offered.

Adoption Triad Outreach

Free international adoption reunion registry. Also provides many other resources. Reunion Registry

The worlds largest adoption reunion registry with 267,248 Adoption Records.


Adoptees Internet Mailing List. A place where adoptees can gather for advice in conducting a search

Eyes Wide Open Registry & Forum

Welcome to the Eyes Wide Open Registry & Forum for searching birthfamily. EWO is a free registry, th

Find-Me Registry

Adoption reunion registry that is free to search. Fee required for registration.

International Soundex Reunion Registry

The International Soundex Reunion Registry is a non-profit, tax exempt, humanitarian agency founded

Kentucky Adoption Reunion Registry

Adoption registry for birth or adoptions that occurred in Kentucky.

National Adoption Information Clearingho

Provides in-depth resources and information on adoption, including locating birth families.

New York State Adoption Information Regi

If you are adopted, or if you placed a child for adoption, or if you are the biological sibling of a

Adoption Search Registries & Resources

Registries and resources for locating members of your birth family.

International country specific registries may be found in the International People Search area of this site.