Tsunami Missing Persons

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Blogspot: Tsunami Missing Persons

Blog established to aid in the finding of missing persons from Tsunami affected areas.

Narenthorn center: Name List of Tsunami

Name list for victims in Thailand, as well as a search for victims referred to hospitals in Bangkok.


An internet face recognition service to aid families of tsunami victims. The PeopleMatch system has

Registration for Missing Persons from Ts

Created to serve those who are in need to advertise for the missing of their loved ones in the Tsuna

Thailand Tsunami

Privately built site which was established to help foreigners seek their missing relatives or friend


Thailands official tsunami and disaster center.

Tsunami Victim Search

Search victims of the Tsunami disaster in Thailand by name, country, status, hospital, and location.


Communication platform for Tsunami Disaster victims and rescue helpers in India, Indonesia, Malaysia

Tsunami Missing Persons

Sites that have been established to help reunite missing persons separated by the Asian Tsunami disaster.